SECURE MONEY MANAGERS is a Daily Money Manager company designed to assist families and individuals with the management of personal daily financial affairs.

SECURE MONEY MANAGERS was created after the need for personal money management was identified by estate planning attorneys, financial advisors, CPAs and other professionals whose clients requested this service.  These professionals either did not have the resources available to provide these services, or had to charge their clients their high attorney or CPA rates.

SECURE MONEY MANAGERS provides families and individuals daily money management at a highly professional level with reasonable rates.

SECURE MONEY MANAGERS will handle all your daily accounting needs such as bill payment for personal and household expenditures, comprehensive bookkeeping and reporting, communicating with creditors regarding accounts, health insurance claims filings, electronic storage of bills, statements, and payments records, customized reporting, and much more.

SECURE MONEY MANAGERS will be your personal professional accountant.

Hugh C. Alexander